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Hey there! Hope you are all in good health. Today, we present before you a topic that has two-sides to the story, something that manufacturers and policy makers are more interested in with respect to diesel generators.

Diesel generators were once restricted to only the higher income groups of the society, who would not compromise with the absence of electricity in their homes and offices. With rapid urbanization and government’s policies to empower youth and enhance the economy, more industries picked up pace. As a result the diesel generator market saw numbers soaring.

Understanding the need for diesel generators

The primary purpose of the diesel generator set is to provide electricity (standby power) during power outages, that allows appliances such as ceiling fans, lights and lifts to run. Diesel Generators are manufactured with ultra modern technology and cater to various industries and residential societies. Right from 5KVA to 2250 KVA, DG sets have now become a boon.

Even while we talk about climate and noise, a diesel generator is the heart and sole of every MNC, supply chain, hospital, retail chain globally. Yes, the future will see modernisation of DG sets to further combat present day challenges.

Exhaust & Noise - Advancements

Modern day diesel generators do produce noise but the better fuel injection and sound proofing technology and silencers or acoustic enclosures. According to the Central Pollution Control Board (CBCP), the permissible noise limit for a new 1000 KVA diesel generator is 75dB (A), in India and there are further noise and emission amendments brought into place. Such amendments will also have seen the prices of DG sets increasing by 50 %.

It is often said that the smoke emanating from the exhaust pipe of the DG set does not cause any significant change to the environment, but that does not mean that innovations and research should not be taking place. It is always recommended to have a proper exhaust muffler. Using turbochargers has yielded excellent performance of the diesel generator by 40 %, because otherwise the fuel completely not converting into usable electricity was a complete waste of money.

Use of renewable fuels

Greenhouse gases are a global problem and all manufacturing sectors are doing their best to reduce the emissions. One alternative is the use of biofuels. Did you know biofuels can be produced from biomass and from non-edible plant seeds and animal fat in a shorter span than that of fossil fuels? Therefore, we see a more green and clean environment. What is more interesting is using a hybrid : diesel and biofuel in the generator.

The Future

While it is a good step towards combating air and noise pollution by the above strategies, the diesel generator manufacturers might have some turbulent phases initially before things finally settle. Making the best use of recycled parts, efficient manufacturing procedures and minimal wastage will also lessen the environmental burden. Though there are some diesel generators that already run on biofuel, full fledged use and approach has not been adopted yet. Let's be optimistic.

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