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Genesis stands out because we don’t just have experience but we observe, learn and bring in the necessary changes as and when required. We also put our customers over everything else as they are and will always be our top priority. We do not compromise in the quality of the gensets as we manufacture using the best quality machines and hence, you can count on us.

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How many of us get an opportunity to work for people around us? Answer : A handful, may be. Some of us are born with privileges, while others have to paddle hard for a living and prove their talent to be known for their leadership qualities.

The real story with hope and determination - a brief narrative

As the month of March started to roll in the year 1998, nobody would have imagined that a man with just two staff members would be embarking on a journey, that journey which bore the name initially as GS Power Consultants in Hyderabad. New era, new opportunities and a desire to move ahead and bring about enthusiasm amongst people with similar interests paved new roads for GS Power Consultants, who specialised in the casing for Kirloskar diesel generators.

Sometimes you need someone who builds up the confidence in you, especially during tough times. People will always try to demote you and would leave no stone unturned for unwanted criticism. It’s the family who would always stand beside you at all times, to support you. The year 1998 was the time when owning a landline telephone was equivalent to owning an SUV now.

Let’s see the exciting transformation, as the days pass.

Firm started growing - the Balanagar connection

Not many could think of giving their aspirations a base and a home in Hyderabad back then. Making your business was equally challenging. You had to run from pillar to post to strike a deal. Honesty, dedication and skills played a key role in the long run. Making positive and long lasting connections was the need of the hour. Unlike today, there was no LinkedIn, facebook, instagram and YouTube in 1998. All one relied on was an effective way of communication along with the level of innovation.

This is what led to the establishment of the mini plant in Balanagar, Hyderabad in 2002. Back When someone asks, “How does it feel”? The answer is difficult to explain verbally, because this is something that you feel , that you share with people who matter the most to you. It was the time for further metamorphosis, which was projected as Genesis Poweronics India Pvt. Ltd. to add more to the happiness, a silver Maruti 800 was acquired by the founder, Sri. Venkatachary Shivakoti , a passionate figure who holds a degree in electronics, down to earth and a humble human being who is well known for his amazing sense of humour.

Time had come for a mega hub - Hands and machine work together

When Genesis Poweronics India Private Limited bagged the prestigious OEM (Original equipment manufacturer) ship award in the year 2004 from Ashok Leyland, there was a necessity for more space to facilitate and accommodate the assembly of diesel generators. How could one forget the month of December 2010, the year that saw the foundation of the mega plant in Jeedimetla, which is nearly as big as two football fields.

Now, the assembly and transportation of Ashok Leyland diesel generators from the plant became easy. Modern machinery from Japan was induced such as Amada welding machines and high-end CNC machinery, which works on predefined inputs from software.

This plant has an assembly line and delivery facility too, which is capable of housing canopies, the core engine of the diesel generator ranging from 5 KvA to 250 KvA.

Our people, our society, our responsibility

It’s the staff who is always the center of activity. For Genesis Poweronics, every individual and their well being is a priority. As a family, festivals and special occasions are celebrated with zeal. Birthdays too are never missed.

Their corporate social responsibility has greatly helped many girl children from the financially weaker levels achieve their prime goal of education. Meal programs too are organised on a regular basis and helping them in cash or kind too has made a huge difference in their livelihood.


When you have the capability to support the less privileged, do it with open arms. It’s about giving back. For Genesis, this journey is a heritage, which will keep inspiring everyone who becomes a part of it. In 2023 we celebrate 25 golden years in the making. It still feels as if it was just yesterday. So, come, be a part of the family.

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