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Genesis stands out because we don’t just have experience but we observe, learn and bring in the necessary changes as and when required. We also put our customers over everything else as they are and will always be our top priority. We do not compromise in the quality of the gensets as we manufacture using the best quality machines and hence, you can count on us.

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Electricity is a vital source for daily business operations. Any disruption in the power could have a serious impact on production and services. A good diesel generator (DG set) ensures there is no break or negative effect on your enterprise. You can avail the ultra-modern DG sets for the following sectors :


A good diesel generator is mandatory for apartments because, during power outages, lifts, lights, ceiling fans, and air conditioners stop working. This often leads to inconvenience to families. For example, exams are around the corner and kids need to work hard. Without electricity how will they manage? Secondly, elders need lift because they cannot climb stairs. Again standby power is important for the lift to work.

For the best in the country Generator for apartment complex, reach Genesis Poweronics. We will guide you in choosing the right diesel generator for apartment and flats.

diesel generator for appartment
diesel generator for hospitals


Doctors and staff are heavily dependent on electricity. Every second counts at hospitals and without electricity this lifeline cannot carry out tasks at all. To avoid any delays due to power cuts, a diesel generator for hospitals of an appropriate power output can provide the much needed support in the form of standby power. Power is must in hospitals for :

  • ICU’s and ventilators rely on electricity.
  • Essential life saving drugs and blood plasma (-18 degree celsius) and cell culture are preserved in cold (optimum) temperatures, for which power is a must for special freezers to run.
  • Elevators, lights, fans and air conditioners.

You can choose the best generator for hospital and we will be happy to meet up to your expectations.


Whether it’s a client meeting or making an important presentation on the pc, you just cannot imagine a day in the office without electricity. Power failures at unexpected times can have serious implications on the impression and deliverables. The best diesel generators for offices are available with Genesis Poweronics.

Hence, a diesel generator of the right capacity can make your office operations more peaceful and tension free. The devices in office(s) that rely on power are as follows :

  • An office primarily has a large number of computers, photocopy machines.
  • Conference halls with projectors.
  • Air conditioners, lights, fans, coffee vending machines, LED TV’s and elevators.
diesel generator for offices
DG sets for super markets


Another important application of diesel generators is for supermarket chains. As you all must have noticed that supermarkets host a wide range of products, right from groceries to items of daily use, from dairy products to vegetables / poultry products, from POS machines to billing computers. To keep these perishables and other edible products in a fresh state, electricity is needed.

If you are an owner of the supermarket or about to launch one, then your enterprise can flourish greatly with the use of diesel generators. For modern and best DG sets for supermarkets and retail stores, reach Genesis Poweronics.

Education institutes:

Schools & colleges often face problems and inconvenience due to power cuts and delivering classes and focusing on the subject becomes quite challenging. Besides, teachers and students, the already burdened admin staff find it difficult to manage their task.

Why diesel generators for schools & colleges?

  • To run fans, lights & air conditioners.
  • For annual day & school functions.
  • Power needed for biometric devices.
  • Computers, printers and photocopy machines need power.

Genesis brings a mega range of best and modern diesel generators for schools, that ensures that the teaching & learning never stops.

DG sets for education istitutes and schools
diesel generator for shopping malls

Shopping malls:

Shopping malls are the biggest consumers of electricity. From escalators to the attractive lighting, various food outlets, POS machines, elevators to branded stores; electricity is a must to keep the mall running to generate revenue. Let’s say there is a power cut and suddenly everything stops working, then?

Why diesel generators for schools & colleges?

Powerful DG sets for shopping malls which are the best source of power backup, can now be availed from us. So reach Genesis Poweronics for the best DG sets for your shopping mall.

Function halls & convention centres:

Our best and powerful diesel generators for function halls add an extra layer of assurance during those special events, such as weddings, birthday parties and more. So, now no more breaking heads and cursing your stars, when Genesis Poweronics presents the unique ultra-modern range of diesel generators for function halls. From laser lights to air conditioning, your moments will sail smoothly.

diesel generator for function halls
diesel generator for Shipping sector

Shipping sector:

Power cuts can have a great impact on shipping and port activities. Offices and other equipment rely on electricity at harbours. In such cases diesel generators can provide standby power. During cyclones, electricity supply gets disrupted and for the shipping to sustain during such difficult times, a diesel generator.

Industrial use:

Industries are dependent on electricity to meet the demands of production and supply. Power cuts often lead to loss in valuable production hours. Hence, diesel generators will deliver the much needed backup and ensure that time, materials and production are not wasted. Don’t wait. The best diesel generator for industrial use are always available with Genesis Poweronics.

diesel generator for industries
DG sets for hotels

Hotels & other businesses:

Hotels rely on electricity that offer various amenities to tourists. Each and every hotel room has lights, fans, air-conditioners, LCD tvs, electric kettles etc. To make guests comfortable at all times, these facilities must be operational whenever needed. Hence, Genesis Poweronics brings the best diesel generator for hotels.

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