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Genesis stands out because we don’t just have experience but we observe, learn and bring in the necessary changes as and when required. We also put our customers over everything else as they are and will always be our top priority. We do not compromise in the quality of the gensets as we manufacture using the best quality machines and hence, you can count on us.

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We are proud of our manufacturing procedure because we make sure we scratch every corner of doubt we could have with our product. We are continuously trying to improve our method of producing our world class generators so that you can get the best that you deserve. We have a lengthy process of manufacturing to which we give a lot of attention.

In our manufacturing process we use machines by Amada, a leading Japanese brand for steel punching and bending. The Amada machines used for cutting steel for our generator acoustic are designed so that there is minimum wastage of materials and gives a precise cut, along with that we also sometimes use laser and plasma machines for cutting of steel depending on the nature of the cut and its thickness. A laser cut is very precise and good for cutting small or curvy parts as the Amada machines can only cut depending on the available stencil that also in solid shapes without curves, while plasma is good for cutting into thick sheets of steel but has more wastage than others. So depending on the requirement the method changes.

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Awesome Image

Next, we step into welding, for welding we use MIG welding techniques instead of Arc welding. MIG welding is usually done with a direct current, where the electrode is kept positively charged while the base metal is negatively charged, MIG offers a more precise weld and is easy to perform and clean up after its done there are also little to no welding marks that are usually left are arc/stick welding, arc welding is also very messy.

We have a 7 tank cleaning process to ensure that there is nothing remaining in our parts that can jeopardise the quality of our generators for sale. This 7 tank cleaning process consists of different phosphate formulas and carbon chemicals so we can assure its quality. Our iconic white and blue colour is also not just regular paint but powder coating, this technique is generally used in cars and other vehicles because it ensures a long lasting paint job. In powder coating a layer or powder is coated on the material first and baked in an oven at approx 2200°C then the coloured is layered on.

Because our generators are sound proof, we have to make them sound proof and to do that we add polyurethane as insulation. There are mainly 2 options of products that we can use in generator acoustic to make them sound proof and those are rock wool and polyurethane, we used to use rock wool 10-15 years before when the technology was not that developed but rockwool had its disadvantages like it causes rashes and other discomfort to those that handle rockwool,

we currently use polyurethane as its easier to use and also requires less amount to achieve a good insulation then rockwool. Atlast, we assemble our product together but this does not mean our work is done, here we inspect our product for the quality and efficiency we promise by giving it a thorough PDI (pre dispatch inspection). Our PDI consists of a 2hour check of our generator with its load holding capacity tested from 0 to 100% and we do this by having a load bank which is an artificial load generator by using heat as a substitute of electricity and one of those can go up to 500 KVA. All this is just in the basic necessity of our manufacturing procedure apart from that we take extra steps to ensure the quality of our generators by conducting fire safety procedures, 6 sigma process, IMM (integrated material management) for stocks and many more to give us the sense of fulfilment of providing our customers with the best quality generators.