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Genesis stands out because we don’t just have experience but we observe, learn and bring in the necessary changes as and when required. We also put our customers over everything else as they are and will always be our top priority. We do not compromise in the quality of the gensets as we manufacture using the best quality machines and hence, you can count on us.

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A bright wintery afternoon welcomes you all to yet another interesting chapter of this blogflix, that would project the highlights and goodies of having a diesel generator as the best source of standby power (often known as DG set, in short) at your house, in your apartment, at your enterprise or any major commercial office.

You might be thinking that these generators are noisy and painful, but let us tell you that modern day diesel generators produce much less noise (similar to that of the latest diesel car). Before moving on further we would love to add a quote here -

    “ Personality has a power to uplift, power to depress, power to curse & power to bless”

Modern day diesel generators & their advantages

We often underestimate the massive potential of machines that have made our lives comfortable and peaceful. One such angel is a diesel generator, yes, don’t get startled because, it is this very generator that makes it possible for you to watch the much awaited cricket match when the main power supply goes for a long walk without any clues of its return on that very important day.

  • 1. A diesel generator starts delivering life in seconds after the mains get disrupted. This ensures that you get the necessary standby power ensuring a smooth atmosphere at the office or home.

  • 2. These days, the diesel generators are available in various power variants and sizes suiting every need. Hence, you as a customer would fetch more.

  • 3. Since the pandemic, DG sets have become superstars. Employees can work from home or work from the terrace - whatever suits them the best.

  • 4. A DG set can be a game changer for vital centres such as hospitals, defence camps for communication, sports auditorium & finally wedding halls - no ring & garland mismatch.

  • 5. Clean and well maintained DG sets would tend to run smoother, effectively, as long as the diesel lasts in the tanks.

  • 6. Nowadays, the DG are built with acoustic technology that inturn helps cut down on the noise generated & surroundings aren’t impacted - But we shout at the top of our voices. Poor generator is no match to our vocal cords.

  • 7. The service and warranty aspect is also taken care of, the moment you sign up for a diesel generator, where the staff also educates you about some important do’s & don’ts. So, you also save more on unwanted repairs & packages, and the company doesn’t want to hear- Why didn’t you inform this earlier from you.

Time to win over power cuts, time to maximise operations & welcome peace

You can plan all day long, make an exhaustive list of companies that you intend to reach. It is true that the diesel generator is positioned outside your flat, office etc but, it lies close to your heart and soul because the DG set delivers standby power which is invisible but its output is recognizable. Genesis, in Hyderabad has been crafting the best diesel generators for over 25 years with innovation and quality. Get the Genesis advantage for your premises. They are available on +919000688888, also on genesisinfra.com

Hope this feature was helpful in making a better judgement. Until next time, happy reading.

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