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Genesis stands out because we don’t just have experience but we observe, learn and bring in the necessary changes as and when required. We also put our customers over everything else as they are and will always be our top priority. We do not compromise in the quality of the gensets as we manufacture using the best quality machines and hence, you can count on us.

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Job Description

A Production Manager plays a crucial role in overseeing the manufacturing or production process within a company. The specific duties and responsibilities of a Production Manager can vary depending on the industry and organization, but here is a general job description that outlines their key tasks.

A Production Manager is responsible for planning, coordinating, and supervising all aspects of the production process to ensure that products are manufactured efficiently, safely, and in compliance with quality standards. They are also responsible for managing a team of production workers and ensuring the smooth operation of the production facility.

Develop and implement production schedules to meet customer demand while optimizing resources.
Monitor production progress and adjust schedules as needed to ensure on-time delivery.

Quality Assurance:

Establish and enforce quality control standards and procedures to maintain product quality.
Address and resolve any quality issues or defects in the production process.

Resource Management:

Manage and allocate resources, including labor, materials, and equipment, to meet production goals.
Optimize resource utilization to minimize waste and reduce production costs.

Team Supervision:

Recruit, train, and supervise production staff.
Provide coaching and guidance to ensure a motivated and efficient workforce.
Handle employee performance evaluations and address any disciplinary issues.

Safety and Compliance:

Ensure a safe working environment by implementing and enforcing safety protocols.
Ensure compliance with relevant regulations, standards, and industry best practices.